Long live our two years at Chisenupuri, our small mountain experience, it was fun but “Peace Out”. Now, as Chise is no longer a secret, we of The House Of Powder are moving on to something monstrous, and frankly ridiculous. Its so insanely wonderful, we can only take a chosen few a day to ski this expanse, testing for new safety lines only. So, if you’ve got the metal for big powder and don’t want to drive hours from Niseko and Hirafu, we got you covered in 2019/20.

Forbidden Territory has never been opened before, so this is an untamed XX hectares of deep, tree-lined and multi terrain variations, and endless powder. This is NOT for beginners and intermediate skiers, this uncharted terrain, lead by experienced guides. It’s all backcountry opportunities, large banks and gullies, perfect for high def video, hopefully capturing you disappearing snorkel deep.

Access is by Snowcat only, so this experience is limited by capacity to very few per day. The area is open for five days per week, and a mere 30 minutes from Hirafu main street.

Time to drop the kids at the pool and suit up.